Our Adventures In & Out Of The Comfort Zone

“The best moments in life happen outside your comfort zone”
-Michael Hyatt
People my people,
First and foremost, as a writer, I should write more.  Meaning, sorry it has been so long since I have reached out.  So many things have happened since last we spoke, but I try to not make excuses for myself.  Today I started my newsletter with a quote.  It found me this morning and has stuck with me until now.   It is one of those magical quotes, quips, comments that come right when you need it.  You would think being on so many stages that my confidence could fill an airport hanger.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  People often call me brave for speaking about how I feel about things publicly. Nope, not that brave either.  What I am is DRIVEN.  You don’t have to be brave to simply want something really bad. I know somewhere deep inside me I am MUCH BETTER than what I have shown the world thus far and I AM DETERMINED NOT TO DIE WITH MY SONG LEFT UNSUNG WITHIN ME.  So that means speaking with confidence and giving the appearance of bravery until my anxiety about the moment slips away and I actually become what I am pretending to be.  Like a method actor who slowly blurs the lines between himself and his character until the spirit of who he is portraying becomes a part of him even when the camera’s off.
So for those of you stepping into the scary, adventurous, unstable chapter of your life, let me say I too am OFFICIALLY OUTSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE.  However, I’m doing the work.  I’m pushing forward.  What I have to do in life is BIGGER THAN ME and I know that even if I merely chip away at the dreams that make up my core, eventually my life will begin to appear as beautiful on the outside, as I see internally…
Regardless of all my fear and yet to be realized dreams, this ride has been fantastic! I was just mentioning to my wife yesterday that since we have been married (4 years with a baby on the way!) I have gotten to perform for/work with/ or have had my work shown at the San Diego Symphony, the San Diego Opera, The Old Globe, The San Diego Rep, House Of Blues, POLITICON, La Jolla Playhouse, KPBS, Tedx San Diego, United Way, Geico, and more that I can't remember at the moment. I have come out with my third album, a book of poetry, wrote and directed a play, with another 2 coming out in 2016.  So yes I am scared, but I am also very blessed.  I am nothing special.  THERE IS GENIUS IN YOU AS WELL.  It comes attached to your spirit at birth.  ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO QUIT IGNORING IT!  Feed it, take it out for walks, show it off to people, and I promise you your genius will be loyal and take care of you for the rest of your life.  
Like I said I have a lot going on, but nothing right now is more important than my play H.E.R.O.E.S.  I need your help.  Today is the day, buy a ticket, share the Facebook event page, buy a ticket, invite a friend, BUY A TICKET! (Catching a theme here?)  The success of this play will directly determine the opportunities I receive after it.  Any help you can give me spreading the word would be invaluable.
Here you go.

Be Now
Gill Sotu