People my People,

As you may or may not realize, I’m pretty old school.  I love everything that is coming out now, great new movies, gadgets, music, a half black president.  I feel things are heading in a beautiful direction.  But like I said,  I am old school, love classic beats, things that look vintage, old films and literature.  People often say that they don’t see me on Facebook/Twitter too often.  Well that’s the old school in me.  I don’t really post unless I have something I really want to say.  Same thing with the newsletter.    These things don’t come out regularly because im either busy doing the things I talk about in the letter or have nothing to say.  Well there were some amazing things that has happened to me and that are happening so I thought I’d share it with my family. 

Honestly, this has been one of the best years of my life and hopefully 2013 continues in the same fashion. 


NEW ALBUM!! My new album is pretty much complete and I couldn’t be happier.  It represents all sides of me and is completely produced by the invincible Aaron Evans of Green Brothers fame out of Columbus, Ohio.  The title of the album is MOVEMENT, and that is what my life is about, creating change and movement in every aspect of myself and community.  So far the guest stars on the album are Aaron Evans, Peach, Jerrica Escoto, Alyssa Earley, Deacon Blair and Kevin Sandbloom.  Yeah, its gonna be a beast.

TRAIN OF THOUGHT: Most of who follow me on facebook know this already but Train of Thought is going on hiatus.  Here are the FAQ’s I’ve been getting lately…How long of a hiatus?  What do you mean exactly by hiatus? Why, why why?

The answer to most of those questions is that I just need a rest.  I’ve been doing Train of Thought for a year in Ventura and every week for 4 years in San Diego.  And although I met some of my greatest friends and talented people in doing it…the simple and honest answer is I’m tired.  Mind, body, and spirit just kinda worn out from hosting, performing, promoting, and booking for TOT.  It has been one of the best experiences in my life and I’m about 80% sure we are coming back in 2013, but we need to re-group, re-staff, and re-imagine.   And that will take a minute.  I want to officially thank everyone who has made TOT as iconic as it is.

AWARDS/ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Just won 2012 RAW San Diego Performing Artist of the Year.  I’m very honored to receive this award and give respect to all those who competed.  It was a good night.

Also won 2012 City of San Diego’s Anti-Littering Spoken Word Competition.

Performed the first ever Spoken Word show in Indonesia via Skype.  To be included in the same trio as HBO Def Jam Poets  Mayda Del Valle and Beau Sia was a big deal to me and to hang with those guys as 5am in a LA warehouse was amazing.

Opened for Grammy Nominated Icon Sheila E!  - wow that was an experience.  Sheila E is an amazing performer and all around person.  Also got to meet her family.  So many mixed feelings about that night but so so glad I did it.

MY LIFE: Just celebrated 1 year with my wife and couldn’t be happier.  Went so so fast.  We have great people surrounding us and she gets better every day.

Everyone’s growing up…it’s bitter sweet but true.  Friends are getting married, having families, moving.  Its been a year of change.  I also want to take a moment to thank everyone that helped me sell out all my tickets for the Anthology Halloween Show.  Man that was such a dope night.  You mean more to me than you know.  And for those who bout tickets bout couldn’t make it, I really really appreciate you.

OK ok:  Life hasn’t been all gravy.  I try to be as honest as I can with these things.  You win all this stuff, people compliment you all the time and one or two people say something negative and it throws your whole world off.  So yes I’ve battle with myself all the time and don’t always win.  But enough about that. 

Challenge of the Week:

Coming up on the end of the year, before thinking of all that you are going to change, write down all the things you accomplished this year, great and small.  Easy peasy.  And if you are really brave you can send it to me so I can celebrate with you.  Its so funny that its easy to share your pain but often hard to talk publicly about your accomplishments.  Well in these emails they only go straight to me, so feel free to tell me all that you are proud of.

UPCOMING: Just watch out for news on MOVEMENT.  Coming early 2013.  The release party is gonna be unbelievable.

Until then, be now.

Gill Sotu