How To Love Gods & Acrobats

People My People, 
I saw something interesting the other day.  A group of men wore hats and t-shirts with the acronym B.P.L.R. (Born Poor Live Rich).  To me that is the same thing as wearing a shirt that said C.P. (Credit Problems).  It is indicative of current U.S. mentality.  We are a culture of appearance for appearance sake regardless of the consequences. Growing up lower middle class, black, independent from my parents since I turned eighteen, and deciding that poet was going to be my profession; money has always been a challenge for me.  I have never been flashy, but at the same time I certainly have not been tight or prudent with what I’ve earned.  It’s been an obstacle my wife and I have had to hurdle but I am pleased to say we are winning the marathon but it is far from over.  What we have learned is that there is certainly a philosophy to money as there is to everything else.  Actually we only have a handful of philosophies (some call them values or beliefs) that infoms every aspect of our lives, good or bad.   
Let me get one thing abundantly clear.  I am in no way, shape or form in any position to coach someone on finances.  If anything I, like many of you, am merely a student in the school of Hard Knocks passing on the notes I took while you may have been daydreaming in class.  I hope you would hook a brother up and do the same for me when the time comes.  That being said, what I have learned is that before you pick up a book, attend a seminar, begin your multi-level marketing empire or anything else, block out 15-30 min in your life and think about what you truly believe about money.  When you get to the core of it, what does money mean to you?  To my wife it is security, to me it is a tool used for adventure and creating pleasant memories with family and friends. Perhaps you see what major corporations and greedy CEO’s do to this country or your parents always complained about rich folks thinking they are  better than us so you think it is the root of all evil.  Maybe you come from a broken home where you had nothing and everyone you know and love lives in poor conditions as well, but if you had on new Jordan’s your position was elevated.  I’m not saying one is right or wrong, but I do know, if you are not leading and living the life you desire YOU MUST START FROM THE ROOTS and work your way from there.
Cause if in your heart you are part of the lower class with a bad taste in your mouth for money, no matter what you earn you will subconsciously and unwillingly negotiate yourself back down to zero.  If you don’t believe me, ask research former athletes and lottery winners.  Their financial status changed but not their philosophy.  Good news is you can change it.  Just takes some soul searching a discover what IT is.  Drop me a line.  I’m curious on what your financial philosophy is.  Perhaps we can help each other.
                There is something strangely gratifying about being tired, the right kind of tired.  The doing good work type of tired.  Ladies & Gentlemen I am exhausted but the work is flowing and it is good.  Just from December – February I am still riding from the high of my Tedx San Diego performance, I have gone on to do performances for Geico, got head of the line privileges to audition for AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (won’t know for a while if I made it on), won the 2013 Raw Artist Performing Artist of the Year and become the new host of Neo Soul Tuesday’s.  Later this year I will be presenting work at the Y Design Conference (an exclusive conference for designer and artists) , The OurGenY Conference (a leadership conference for Generation Y), 2014 San Diego Fashion Week, and the Tijuana Innovation Conference (To promote Business, Technology, and Society). 
                Here is what I am most proud of though…I finally finished my full length play “THE BEST GOOD-BYE: Beats, Crime, & Life” that is currently getting reviewed by friends and colleagues in the theatre and film industry and will be presented to you by 2015.  I also finished the project I have been promising you for years…A book of poetry with my poetic soul mate Jerrica EscotoThe book release is Feb. 22nd at the Museum of Living Artist.  Go to for more info.  Here is the synopsis:
HOW TO LOVE GODS AND ACROBATS: This is a book about bravery. About heartache.  About what it is to be afraid and courageous all at once.  How to Love Gods and Acrobats is an interactive collection of love stories- with twists and turns that land on any fate the reader chooses. So where will your love go?
Like I said, a lot going on!  I tell you this because for as many victories I have I have so many failures and doubts that I have to shake off, and writing them down makes me feel like I’m doing something in this world.  Please return the favor.  Tell me what is going good in your life, I am down to celebrate with you anytime!
Until Then,
Be Now
Gill Sotu