Swimming With Sharks and Loving it! Will you join me?

What’s good good folks, beautiful day ain’t it?

So swimming in my thirties, im finally getting use to the temperature of the water im in. When you are younger, your chest swells invincible. You can do anything. Leave the life preserver on the beach and swim with sharks, eyes closed, wearing steak speedos. As you get older, you still go swimming, but you are more familiar with your strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you keep your eyes open, maybe this time you keep the life preserver, write your name on your life preserver in graffiti. Own up to what you can or can’t do. Still anything is possible, but you realize that you can’t drive the boat, swim with sharks, watch out for other dangers, pull yourself to safety if anything goes wrong, rescue the princess, become a millionaire, defeat the dragon, and save the town from bandits all at the same time. That’s the beauty of age. You remember to think a second before you leap.

This week I want to talk about something different, flip the script, play the B side. Most newsletters I speak on how you can help others. It’s important to give back a portion of what you get. It is the one of the laws of nature. Go against it and your life will never be entirely fulfilled. However, the other side to that is that you also have to be willing to accept what you are given, what is available to you. Im not only speaking of material things, but people as well.

I have the honor of knowing some amazing people with amazing talents. I’m fortunate enough to have people feel the same way about me, but one of my biggest problem’s is trying to do everything my self. Trying to be everything myself. DIY is very very popular these days. People try to cut costs but circumventing experience. I’m the biggest culprit of them all. Often instead of researching people who love to do what I am not good at, I pick up a “For Dummy’s” book and am still lost. You know what kind of kick in the gut it is to be dumber than a dummy. (Although, it is actually smart people writing the book and adding more icons and pictures. So it just a better formatted book for smartties). Sometimes ladies and gentlemen you just have to throw your hands in the air like you were in a rap concert and ask for help, search for help. There are ALWAYS people available to at least offer ADVICE for free, if not actually give you the help you need. A good friend Derrick Miller said, (paraphrasing)…
“Doing something by yourself can often be done faster, going somewhere by yourself you can get there quicker, but there is nothing more lonely than accomplishing something or getting somewhere alone.”

Pick something you struggle with, swallow a cup full of your pride and start asking around for help. Even if the person you ask doesn’t have the answers, they may know of someone else who can help you. There are 7 degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon, so it will only take you about 6 people to get to your answer or you can just ask him. And he knows everything. Don’t be afraid. This is hard for me to. Ask for help this week, and I will too….right…. NOW

Looking for your help. I know it doesn’t seem like it, and I’ve never admitted this aloud, however, promotion is something that I really do not like doing. Especially self promotion. Promoting someone else is a bit easier, but still not really my forte. Some might even say these newsletters are my way of promoting but I just like to write about things and since I have people responding positively then I keep going.
That being said, I need your help, love, support and rally around my OCT 26th Halloween Show at Anthology. I need 100 of my fans, friends, family, supporters, even haters to be in the house. Here is why this is important. The venue that we are doing this in is one of the best concert venues in San Diego. Usually they only cater to signed artists and top name acts. The organizers of the Southern Cali’s largest independent music festival (Indie Fest) is throwing this show and the venue is taking a chance on us to prove that indie music can have a big showing a huge numbers of supporters. If you go on their website you will see that tickets are usually at least $25.00, 21+, plus mandatory food and drink. Our show is only 10.00 pre-sale, all ages and no mandatory drink. That is why we have to bring so many people. If you are tired of wack music getting all the recognition, put your support where your mouth is San Diego. Buy a ticket, buy two, donate a ticket to someone here in SD. Go to www.gillsotu.com to purchase. If you are donating a ticket just send a message saying “donate” and Ill give the ticket to a talented up and coming musician who can’t afford the ticket so they can be inspired by all the talent crossing the stage that night. I really appreciate your support and to those who already bought a ticket. Did I mention that each pre-sale ticket comes with a free digital download of one of my albums? Can’t beat that!

Other Upcoming Shows:
Every Tuesday – (hosting/performing) Train of Thought Open Mic Experience – Queen Bee’s Cultural Center – San DIego
1st & 3rd Thursdays – (Djing/Performing) Elevated Open Mic Poetry – Eveoke Dance Theatre, San Diego
Sept 29th - (performing) Revolutionizing Mindz Thru Music & The Arts – HQ Café, San Diego
Oct 3rd – (performing) San Diego Fashion Week – San Diego Law Library, Downtown San Diego
Oct 7th - (hosting) Gimme Shelter Art & Music Festival – Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center, San Diego
Oct 26th (performing) Indie By Design: Halloween Bash – Anthology, Little Italy, San Diego
Until then, Be NOW…New Album & 1st video coming really soon!
Gill Sotu

Beginning of a poem (just a small bonus):
There is, I’ve heard a point where your shoulders buckle under the load of all we pile on/
In grotesque fashion it buckles the knees and crushes the spine/
Sometime, when no one is looking, they say God sorts through the bloody mess
And you emerge,
wandering with wings, purpose, passion, and a purple heart for bravery/
I want that/
But im scared of falling/
haven’t broken anything in my life except my own self determination/
Its about time I shatter the need to sabotage myself/