Game of Thrones, Lord of Your Matrix: The Nerd-Out

People my people,
Currently I am reading the Game of Thrones book series…(nerdy I know, it get’s worse). In it, a princess looking for answers to her fate has to enter the House of the Undying which is a maze of hippy trippy witchcraft and sorcery in which you see your past, your future, and anything else a creative, overweight genius author who wrote the book series can think up (told you it got worse). So at the entrance dude tells the princess no matter what you see, no matter what distracts you always go to the first door to your right, and always ascend any stairs you see, never go down. Seems simple enough, even for a dragon princess but it never is (watch the TV show, you’ll get hooked.) How’d the princess do? Well you’ll have to nerd-up and read the book wont you?
I walk my path, treading the tightrope of past, future and now, all connecting, all distracting with instructions past on from those who have gone before. They whisper, “always use the door on the right and walk up stairs never down.” But Im a knucklehead, I don’t listen, I even give correct advise to people I meet along the way, but I choose to ignore the wisdom that comes out of my mouth. But in the distance I see light, however faint, always a light. Getting so close to fulfilling parts of my dream I can smell the future smile on my face. Not that Im not smiling now. In fact, I can honestly say that Im the best I’ve ever been (but still far away from where I want to be).
Often I romanticize about the past but this is a great time to be taking up oxygen. What other day and age could an untrained poet as myself do a show to hundreds of people in Jakarta, Indonesia touching lives without leaving LA. Or being a pre-teen in love with the heroine of Krush Groove (Sheila E) filmed in New York and years later doing a show with her in San Diego. I bet if you look at your life now and the things you have done and are going to do its all pretty amazing. Its always been about perspective.
Either you let your mind take you were it wants or you can control the way it sees. You have never been your thoughts, “I think therefore I am” is a load of BS. You are the observer of your thoughts. You are the guy/gal watching the screen, thousands of channels (thoughts) passing you by. Beautiful thing is that we get to choose what we want to focus on (which in turn controls what we say, do, and who we are). I just fear the case with most of us is that our remote is broke and we are too lazy to get off the couch and change the channel. Typical. Ha ha. We are soooo lazy.
Working on the double album! Super excited. This is going to be a beast. Hopefully done in fall but it depends on time and the creative process being kind to us. Working with super producer Aaron Evans with more than 30 albums produced under his tutelage I am in good hands. First few tracks we have done so far are dangerously dope. Brewing beautiful ballads by the beach is doing something good for me. A lot of new guest appearances and some old ones, for those of you who copped Flawed American Male. I have a title but I may not release that until next newsletter just in case it changes.

Still in the works, however in talks with mega poet Ise Lyfe to help guide my way through it. Which is a big deal because his book Pistols and Prayers, just got picked up by a major distributor and is now in bookstores around the country, is mandatory reading in several universities, and the audiobook was in the top ten when it came out on iTunes…good hands to be in if I do say so myself. (I like to brag on my friends, I know some amazing and talented people)
ELECTRIC COMPANY is back in full effect. Had to take a short newborn baby hiatus (no not mine). And life on the Sotu farm was hectic. But we are back with two new shows for you July 28th (Kava Lounge) and 29th (Brick by Brick) . We also added some estrogen to the mix and have a powerful vocalist sweetly named Peach. This girl is going to blow you away.
This weeks challenge may be the most difficult and most ignored of all the previous:
So I would say I was a fairly positive guy. More than most, less than some. So when I heard about the “Good Thought” cleanse I went in half cocky and failed after 1 day. A lot of people may say “why try to have good thoughts? There is a lot of f**ked up things going on.” Well it boils down to perspective again. You can see whats going on as PROBLEMS or CHALLENGES. PROBLEMS, will leave you on the couch writing a poem, singing a song or yelling at the TV about it. A CHALLENGE will get you up and start the change process. So I give you this one:
For 2 days we are going to work on finding new perspectives. Actually controlling our thoughts and the way we want them to go. Don’t fight the negative feelings, emotions, or thoughts…but don’t hold on to them (what good are they anyway? They cause cancer, for real for reals.) for every negative thought, fill it with the opposite. Just for 2 days! Then you can go onto your old grumpy self. I know so many will skip this. but for those who try, I commend you. hit me back and tell me how the experiment goes.
Jul 28th - Aaron Evans “Family Always Matters” Album Release Show - Kava Lounge 9pm feat. Gill Sotu and The Electric Company, Sojourn, and Todo Mundo
Jul 29th - Brick By Brick Show feat. Gill Sotu and The Electric Company
Aug 10th - Opening for Sheila E at the 4th and B
Details for all shows are on
until then, be now
Gill Sotu